Fractured, Not Broken


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This artwork represents the relationship between two people, who are together but are basically living in two different worlds. The Black/White area in between represents the fragile strings attached that are trying desperately to hold them together. Each large circle represents each person. The smaller circles within represent each persons daily activities, the blue and pink fillers are what remains of each other to the other person, and the larger circles are what each person holds more value in.
Both people have plenty of existence in the others life, but the importance of their being seems to be perceived as unimportant to each other. They continue to push through life. co-existing together, they love each other, but are they in love? Or have they just become so familiar that their love has turned into a platonic relationship built on convenience?
They are fractured, not broken…. The only way to fix their relationship, is to follow the strings back to a time when their love for one another was at an all time high, what has changed ? Have they simply grown in two different directions, or can they find their way back to one another?
The web of connections seems far too complicated to navigate, but in reality, it is simply choosing one common thread, and rebuilding the foundations of love and trust.