Guess Who’s coming to Dinner?


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One Day deep beneath the earth, among the roots of the Witchetty tree, sat 3 young grubs, sat discussing how their every day routine of chewing the roots had become mundane. One of the grubs decided to venture to the surface, against the advice of his friends. When he broke the surface of the lush fertile soil, he could see what appeared to be a large body of water, surrounded bt fallen bright green leaves.

It was paradise. One large green leaf, sat perched on the waters edge, the stem anchored to the shoreline, while the body danced on the ripples of the water’s surface. He was drawn to the leaf, the colour, the smell, enticed him to move onto the large green leaf, a floating banquet. As he riggled onto the leaf, it parted ways with the land, but he did not notice, as he was more concerned with this juicy floating meal, and began to chomp into the lush vegetation. Before too long, the leaf was now in the middle of the lake, and the witchetty grub was now stranded.

He called out for help, and it didn’t take too long for a large green tree frog to swim out to the middle of the lake, to meet the witchetty grub.

“Please help me” asked the Witchetty Grub, and the Tree Frog agreed to help, but only if the witchetty grub would have dinner with him. The witchetty grub agreed, so the tree frog grabbed the leaf with his front legs, and push with his back legs, back to the shoreline.

When they got back to the shoreline, the witchetty grub thanked the tree frog and asked him what was for dinner?

The Tree Frog answered “Witchetty Grubs” and shot his long tongue out, grabbed the grub and swallowed him whole.