Organised Chaos


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Organised Chaos is a combination of randomness and also structure. It is a bit like watching an army of ants, where they all appear to be all over the shop, but if you look closer, you will actually see that everyone has a job to do, and they all understand what needs to be done, in order to reach the whole colony’s goal.

In this artwork, all the journey lines overlap or intersect, randomly, but there also a beautiful flow to it. It is a little bit like our lives, and how on the outside, we can appear to be unorganised and chaotic, like we have no structure at all and inevitable to fail. Our lives seem to be on the go 24/7 with no real direction. But take a closer look, and you will see, just like an ants nest, we are more cohesive than we first appear, life is about balance, and sometimes in order to create balance, we have to juggle many things at one time, for example; as a parent, we have to work to make money, in order to support our families and lifestyle, along with allowing time to spend with our loved ones, maybe that is taking our children to sports events, then getting home in time to make dinner, while making sure we have paid all the bills, and still finding time to spend with our spouse, and also having some alone time. Within each of these life events, lays even more layers of chaos.

Yet somehow, we manage to multi-task enough to get through the day.

On the outside, our lives may look chaotic, but internally, we have spent much time, tweaking the everyday rituals to make sure we have the right balance, an organised chaos. We don’t always get it right, but we continue to work towards having our lives more Organised than Chaotic.