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Peacock feathers are a strong spiritual symbol and have been revered since ancient times. The peacock feather represents the divine power of creation, renewal, and self-realization.
The spiritual meaning of the peacock feather is also associated with the ability to transform negativity into positive energy. It symbolizes rebirth and resurrection after death, as well as the ability to transcend all limitations.
The peacock is believed to bring good luck, especially when it appears in dreams or visions. It’s feather is the most visible part of it’s body, so it’s a symbol of pride and beauty.
When a peacock opens it’s feathery plume, to me it is saying, look at me in all my beauty, inside and out. As people we are often consumed with what is on the outside, for me the peacock feather symbolises beauty on the inside, as beauty is a combination of many things, which include respect, love, devotion, caring, empathy, understanding, patience and the unwavering need to protect those around us.
It also represents the ability to see the beauty in something that others might not notice, and it’s associated with creativity and imagination. Because of this, peacock feathers are used in rituals to encourage people to look at things in new ways or to find positive aspects in difficult situations.