Riverside Healing


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This artwork represents a palce of healing on the Parramatta River.
Through the top third of the artwork runs the Parramatta River, it hosts a series of three eels, the totem of the Burramattagal people from the Dharug Nation.
In the middle of the artwork closer to the bottom sits a large meeting place with a heart at the centre. This represents a community/meeting place of healing. The heart represents a place of love, nurturing and caring for those in need. It is surrounded by people in different colours (represented by the following symbols ‘In’ ‘Iln’), this represents the diversity in backgrounds of the local community, which has become a multicultural community, and that all are welcome to this safe haven. The heart is surrounded by rows of coloured dots in different sizes, this represents strength and coming together to support one another.
Leading into this meeting place are many journey lines, they come from all over the land, passing through different coloured and patterned sections to represent the diversity in our Nation’s people, and showing that although we are from different backgrounds & religous beliefs, we all have the same interests to love and be loved, we all experience pain and suffering, and in these times, we all look to lean on someone for strength.