Beresford Road Public School

Walking Together, Working Together
Create an artwork for Beresford Road Public School, to be hung in their foyer of the school. The artwork will be purchased, along with the copyright, to allow Beresford Road Public school to use the artwork in part or full for uniforms, letter heads, emails and any other school orientated items. Tones to be in blues, to reflect the school’s colours. Story to reflect the learning journey of the students that attend the school.
Artwork description : Bottom left of the artwork shows the journey that the children embark on heading to their first year of school at Beresford Road Public School – These are represented by 2 pathways leading into one, the first meeting place represents the school. From here there are 6 meeting places, that gradually get larger, these represent years 1-6. They represent the growth in each of the children, as they progress and learn new skills provided by the school. The final meeting place, top right, shows several pathways, this represents the new found opportunities that the children now have from attending Beresford Road Public School. These children will end up on different journeys depending on their personal journeys at the school, some will move on to high school with scholarships, both academic and sporting, where others will choose their next journey following in the footsteps of their parents, friends and family. In the end, they will be presented with choices that the school has helped them obtain, that they may not have had, if they didn’t attend this school.