Wesley Mission


Brief was to create an artwork for use in uniforms and to represent what Wesley Mission represents.

This artwork represents the services that Wesley Mission provides for it’s clients.

Bottom left in the artwork is dark and grey, this represents people in their most vulnerable and desperate times. The foot prints lead to the white dove (Wesley Mission logo) in a meeting place circle. It is here where they find salvation and a pathway to renew their self worth and repair their lives. From here, there are three distinct pathways, these three pathways represent Family, Healing and Moving Forward.

The pathway leading north in the artwork represents Family. It is surrounded by broken/shattered pathways, something that many family units struggle to move past, but with the help, love and guidance from Wesley Mission staff, they can rebuild their family units and live a meaningful happy life.

The bottom right pathway, represents Healing. This is a the path to breaking down the past, and building a new you. Allowing each and every person to not only heal but to thrive and grow into the person they deserve to be.

The pathway in the middle right, is the pathway to Moving Forward. It is bordered by bright colours, this represents a better life, better opportunities, a path to leave the old life behind and move forward into a brighter future.

Wesley Mission are instrumental in the well being of so many, their services change lives, and help to add light to dark places.