Eye of the Storm


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This artwork represents the chaos and calmness in our lives.
Just like a cyclone or twister, there is a whirl wind of chaos going on, on the outside, these things are usually contributed to our hectic lifestyles, stresses from work, trying to balance the work/family relationships, and still find times for ourselves.
But at the centre of the storm, is a calmness, a point where everything is still, quiet, and at peace, a complete contrast to the outer rim. This is our inner voice, our centre, our calmness that can keep us grounded and also allow us to refocus our energy on the positive things in our lives, that bring us joy, and make us a rock and an asset to the people around us.
The end goal is to push through the negative, destructive noise that surrounds us, and tap into the Eye of the Storm, this will give us clarity and strength to move forward in a positive light, and to be the best versions of ourselves.