Garden Gathering


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When the evening light dims, and the people are locked away inside their homes, the many insects come out to play. Spiders begin dancing in the moonlight, creating a tapestry of silk, with an artist eye and mathematical precision. Butterflies dance on the evening mist, unaware that they are one beating of the wings away from being a meal to the spider.
The bees are working overtime to collect the last of the pollen for the night, to take back to their Queen, as a single lady beetle sits on the stem of the pampas grass enjoying how it sways back and forth in the cool night breeze.
A lone praying mantis sits still on top of the lushes green foliage waiting for an unsuspecting insect to fly by. Before his very eyes, lands a large dragonfly, unaware of the dangers the lurk close by. Neither could imagine that they too are being watched, by the Old wise Owl, hiding in the hollow of the tree trunk, watching the fluttering banquite, and only wondering which he will eat first.
It is a tale as old as time, from a distance, the garden gathering is nothing more than a flurry of insects gently going about their evening, in reality, it is the survival of the fittest and smartest.