Honey Ants


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One day four young honey ants were out searching for food for their colony when they came upon a mob of young kangaroos. The kangaroos were playing by a water hole when they noticed the honey ants. One of the honey ants asked the Roos if they knew where they could find some trees full of nectar, being young and in a playful mood, the biggest of the young Roos said ” Follow the river, until you reach the golden light, it is there you will find your nectar trees” They then all laughed and began to chase each other around the watering hole again.
So the Honey Ants walked along the rivers edge, until they came to the golden light, and at the base of the golden light lay not nectar trees, but instead, charred stumps and branches, and surrounding this golden light was man, cooking a meal and looking for something to sweeten their food.
When the man saw the Honey Ants, he picked them up one by one, cooked them over the fire and then ate them.