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A cyclone tears through the landscape, destroying everything within its pathway, leaving nothing but devastation. It’s erratic behavour, choosing to leave some areas untouched, whilst it levels others.

Just as we should be wary of cyclones, we should also be wary of toxic, negative people, who show little regard for those around them, and will destroy many in order to grow their own egos and step on anyone in their pathway in order to achieve their own goals. The devastation can be random, but there is always a pattern, the key is to recognise the warning signs and steer clear for your own safety and well being.

We should also be aware of our own paths, and be careful that we are not the detriment of others in order to achieve our own goals. There are many pathways to choose in life, the most important one will be the one that compliments our journey, while allowing growth to those around us at the same time.